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How to Stop Comparing and Choose Your Own Narrative

Two easy tricks I learned to be better at accepting another’s success and being ok with my failures, or shortcomings.

Have you ever seen someone super successful and killing it in an area you might struggle and thought… “I bet she got lucky!” I know there have been times when I see someone with more followers, higher views, bigger teams, or more sales,  and I have absolutely thought that…  but I have decided it’s time to drop that story. And choose my own narrative!

We all know how easy it is to allow our brains to think that, to get jealous and assume it was easy for her.  It’s comforting to say she got lucky, it helps our brains to accept her success… and maybe our failures, then box it up and move on. 

But I have 2 quick tricks to help you be better at accepting another’s success and being ok with your failures, or shortcomings. We are not all at the same place… and here are a couple things you can do that will help you be ok with it and then move on. 

Get Curious

Get curious instead of critical! When I’m feeling a little jealous of someone’s success I will message them. Not to ask their opinion of me or what I should do differently, instead I ask them what they focus on daily and then I compare it to my own focus. I will take note of what they’ve created and what I would like to implement in my own business. 

Take what feels right and leave what doesn’t. Sometimes the best ideas aren’t your own… actually they rarely are. So take what you learn and implement it into your business. 

Choose your narrative

Those who have seemingly free flowing success often have a history of MANY messy failures. 

Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Successful people don’t avoid failure, they choose to have a different narrative. They know their shortcomings do not define them and they do not let it define them. They’ve learned how to better accept failures in their endeavors. 

Failure is a necessary part of your journey! This is your sign to drop the “She got lucky,” narrative. And instead engage with those who are doing what you want to do and are successful at it. Ask meaningful questions and use their answers to level up.

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