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 3 Tips for When a Reel gets Traction

Hey Girlie! So you made a reel and are wondering what to do now. Well first let me say, I am so proud of you! And am so PUMPED to help you reach your goals!

My first time making a reel was SO nerve wracking! I questioned myself the whole way. But after making more and more, I noticed what a difference it made to my instagram relatability and following. The first reel that really got traction for me was about making sales on instagram! And I was just as excited as I am sure you are! 

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After getting traction to your page from a reel it’s important that you take a step back. Breathe.  Let the excitement fill you up. And get you reinvigorated to keep showing up! If you didn’t already know, you can reach a great many more people than just your following when you make reels. So let’s get those people who loved your reel to want to join your crowd!

make a highlight story

First, I’d like you to make a highlight story introducing yourself! This way those who watched your reel can easily find what you’re all about! After making that highlight a great way to pull your audience to the right spot is to title that highlight “Start Here”. Signal your followers and audience to come and get to know you better! When making that highlight, it’s always a great idea to personalize it just like you’ve personalized your content. 

Make your reels and highlights 100% YOU

sending a message

My second tip for you is about sending DM’s to your followers. Really, there’s no need for you to send every new follower a message. However, if they have a public instagram account and a recent post or story, interact with it! When you use this tip you’ll let your followers know you’re paying attention to them while also avoiding the potential stress of feeling overbearing. By creating that personal connection, your followers with appreciation for the interaction will be prompted to return the favor by interacting with your posts and stories!

 first impressions

Lastly, people in your “request” folder are usually brand new to your page. So if they take time to send you a message, respond back with a memorable first engagement. First impressions matter! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I send a message to someone I admire greatly on instagram and they respond back with positive energy! 

Use my three tips about reels and I almost guarantee that your instagram following will notice your efforts and want to like and share your content! And if you haven’t already, share this post with family, friends and acquaintances! 

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