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Branding 101

Branding is a massive part of making your content stand out from the crowd

Hey girlies! I am so excited to share some information with you about branding and what that may look like for you! 

Branding is super important in helping to build up your sales and find that cohesive look for your instagram. When you struggle to get the exposure you need on instagram, you should consider your brand, and how your brand is portrayed to your audience. Does it catch their eye, and does it accurately portray you? If you social sell, your product already has a brand. A good chunk of that brand is the color scheme, the texture, and even the font used on the product.

What is your brand?

What you need to do is determine exactly what YOUR brand is. I want you to pick your colors, textures, patterns and fonts that really portray your personality and style! If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed my brand. My brand uses the color peach pink, leopard print pattern and lightning bolts! If you are wondering where to start, I recently went live on instagram with my good friend Krystal (@krystaladele). Krystal is so great at helping to create brands. One thing she has her clients do is create a “joy board”. Which is such a great way to help narrow down the vibe you want your instagram to have. 

How to build your brand

Starting out with a joy board will make it easier to build your brand pallet. While creating your joy board, add colors that portray your personality, add textures and patterns to the board as well. Maybe even pick a few font styles that you can combine to create a graphic that screams your name! When you first start out it may look a little crazy but don’t hesitate to add all of the things you love to the board. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to narrow down what you want your brand to look like from your joy board.  

When you feel like you’ve added all that you love to your joy board, look at the colors and textures you have on there. Maybe you have shades of green, blue and orange and you’re not too fond of the idea of all three colors all the time. If you feel that way, what can be done is choose two colors to focus on. At the time you want to use the third color, you can! You are absolutely allowed to use the third color throughout your instagram content as you like. One thing to keep in mind is to continue to keep your content consistent.

Branding Graphics

Once you’ve figured out what your brand is and what it looks like, you can create graphics that will help you break up your instagram feed while also tying in your unique brand. As you create your graphics you want to keep it all cohesive. All of your graphics need to consistently scream your name! But, your brand can evolve with you. You will change over time so at the time you feel a need for change allow small changes to your brand. 

Lastly, what I feel is most important with finding your brand is that it makes you happy! Your brand should bring you that serotonin. And make you enjoy posting your graphics. I want you to be able to build your best brand and be able to really portray your personality through that brand! Start small and you will find your vibe. 

If you’d love more information about branding, view my IGTV called Branding 101! Also go check out my latest blog posts!