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Highlights “Start Here”

HERE! is where you can learn how to use your instagram highlights to bring in new followers. 

If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you’ve heard me mention my highlight “start here” and how I use them. Well girlies! In this blog I’m going to teach you how to use the highlight feature and why it’s important.


When I first started on instagram I noticed how hard it was sometimes to figure out if I really wanted to follow that person. Normally I’d look through the first few posts and decide from there. 

I realized that instead of scrolling and looking through an instagram page. It’s easier to use a “start here” highlight. Using the highlight gives direction to those who spy on you from viral reels to find out if they want to follow you. With that first direction to your “start here” highlight, your fans can choose to continue to look through your content without feeling lost. I know my most recent posts aren’t always formatted to cater to new eyes.


Create an easy way to navigate your Instagram account! Most of the time highlights are used as a place to vomit product jargon. While that’s a great place to throw that kind of content, you will want to use your highlights to tell your followers as well as visitors to your instagram account what you serve. Just like in your bio! 

Your bio should tell your followers and potential followers who you are and what you serve. However, don’t let that stop at your bio continue to bring that down into a highlight. You’ll want to use your “start here” highlight to give your elevator pitch! Tell your audience what they can expect to gain from you. Include why you started your account, how you chose the name and again, what they’ll gain from following you. Make it clear and concise! 

you have value

You’ve got this! And as you create your “start here” highlight keep in mind that highlights are the expansion of the value your account adds. And your account has value so make it known in your “start here” highlight!

If you’d like an example of what I’m talking about go ahead and check out my instagram

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