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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio

Just like YOU your instagram bio is important! 

So you can’t figure out how to arrange your Instagram bio? There’s no need to worry, I will tell you exactly how to create the perfect instagram bio! 

When you are scrolling through instagram and click on a person’s tag, you probably expect that what you find there is reflective of their personality and how they will serve you. Well I have a question for you, is your bio reflecting who you are and how you can serve those who find you? If not, I have a few tips to get your bio glowing with your beautiful personality as well as drawing in the audience you desire. 

 Name Field

When it comes to your name field, and I know this sounds crazy… but DO NOT put your name there! The name field is an opportunity to write something that pertains to your niche, adn this is the only area of your bio that is searchable. Your bio is the perfect place to tell your audience who you are in a different way. They want to know WHO you are and that is NOT your name. 

What will they gain?

Your bio should tell your target follower what they’ll gain from following your account and how you will serve them. For example in my own bio you’ll find right away that I am a social selling coach and underneath that I have a short but sweet section describing what services I provide my followers and one or two things that show my personality…. Give me all the Diet Coke! 

Add a Link

Another thing you should have in your bio is a Link… or better yet links. Yes, I said links PLURAL. Use link tree or another service (planoly or tailwind) to add a link tree so you can share more that one link.  Link your website for sure, yes, but also add links to show your followers your interests as well as outside helps, inspiration and third party tools.  You will no doubt find your followers happy and grateful for the information you provide. I can almost guarantee that with adding links you will get more traffic to your page. And who doesn’t love that? 

Don’t forget to make your bio a little fun. Try adding an emoji that you love or any thing that really reflects your personality. And if you haven’t already, go check out my instagram! You’ll find a great example of what I’ve been talking about. 

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