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How to Get More Exposure on Instagram

Learn the few tricks I use to get more exposure on instagram!

If you’re anything like me when I first started my Instagram account, you’re struggling to get more exposure on instagram. Or getting traffic to your page. In addition to that you’re most likely struggling to understand what popular Instagram influencers have that you do not. Well, if you desire your page to be liked and shared these 4 secrets will almost guarantee your account more exposure and visibility. 

To start, you’ll want to remember that consistency with these habits is key to unlocking a whole new level of instagram exposure. Keeping up with these habits will greatly improve your mindset and your account visibility.

Follow Like-minded Accounts

Have you ever searched other instagram accounts with similar themes? Well, following those accounts can greatly improve your instagram mindset! By following like-minded accounts you can better understand what your audience likes and dislikes. And what posts have grabbed their attention. 

After following like-minded accounts, participate in the community by actively commenting! While actively interacting with other accounts you can begin a relationship. And narrow down or even broaden what kinds of posts you make. Target different groups within your audience that will soon notice your unique presence. 

Make Reels!

I know making reels seems silly, but reels are actually a great way of getting your content out to people who may not naturally make their way to your page. When making instagram reels you need to ask yourself If I stumbled across this video would I share it? Is this reel relatable and interesting? Does it make them want more? These questions will help you develop a more relatable content that viewers will seek out, like and share with family and friends. 

Collaborate with Other Accounts

After starting a relationship with like-minded instagram accounts, try collaborating with them by tagging their account, story sharing, and creating giveaways. In creating a relationship with those accounts you become mutually beneficial. And you will gain a new way to reach your audience and get those likes and shares!

Create Shareable Content

What do I mean by shareable content? Shareable content most commonly uses graphics with quotes or memes. When you think of memes, you’re probably  thinking of the memes that use familiar graphics or quotes. Now don’t worry you don’t need to use movie quotes or graphics to grab your audience’s attention. Just use your beautiful, unique brain of yours to pick out topics your preferred viewers will recognize and relate with. Check out my post to give you an example!

Take a breath! Relief should wash over you as you realize that these 4 habits will make your instagram account bask in exposure and visibility. Oh! And before you go on your way, share this post with family or friends. And remember to be consistent and use relatability to really enhance your instagram content!