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How to Stand Out by Niching Down

Are you feeling overwhelmed by social selling and niching down? This is the blog for you.

I completely understand if you are ovewhelmed by learning how to niche down or finding ways to stand out. I get overwhelmed by it all too! If you follow instagram gurus and maybe even have paid for instagram courses to help you figure out how to stand out and still don’t feel like you understand. My beginning started there too!

When I first started, my instagram posts had all pictures of me holding products! We don’t all just start out with great content and skills to reach our audiences. There’s a lot of work that goes into learning how to reach your audience and stand out from the crowd! So, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a minute and realize that you’ll get there! The first step in making your account stand out is to figure out what you want to focus on.  

Niche Down

Niching down is massive when it comes to helping you stand out. If you have too many things going on in your account, there’s a very slim chance that when someone comes across your page they’ll 1. Understand what you’re offering. And 2. Get enough relatable content to make them want to stay. You need to make sure your account is easy to understand and the service you provide is clear! In doing so you will help your target audience find you.

When you niche down you make it easier on yourself and on your followers. They receive the content they followed you for and you can focus on a few things at a time! Now niching down doesn’t mean you have to give up your passions completely. If you have multiple passions, you can still talk about those things! Niching down really just helps you keep your content clear and concise.


I talk about this so much, but this is so relevant! You need to constantly ask if the things you post add value. Skip over the fluff! Your audience does, they skip right over the fluff that’s posted. They want your best. If your best that day isn’t your all time best, as long as it adds value to your page, it will work great!

Another thing to remember is you need to drop the products you sell to your second or third focus and really put all your effort into the service you provide. Doing that will greatly add value to your page and be valuable to your audience! I also want you to know that it’s okay to not know for sure what adds value to your page. When you don’t know what adds value to your page, that is when you can humanize yourself to your audience.


Your edge is YOU. It’s really just you humanizing and getting on instagram to connect! Your account has a service, humanize yourself to your audience by sharing your quirks. Use your cute quirks and personality to help you connect to your audience! Show up as you, and use the mundane aspects of your life like just talking while you walk to your mailbox. Or sharing your favorite shows or foods. Simple things like that can really help humanize you and connect! Sharing those things add value to your page. Because you’re humanizing yourself to your audience. You’re making connections. I mean, we’re human, we crave connections! 

As you niche down, you will notice you will attract more of your target audience. And you will stand out of the crowd when you niche down and focus on service.

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