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Improve Interaction on IG Stories

I am excited to share a few tips to improve interaction on your instagram stories!

Hey friends, I know some of you may need to improve interaction on IG stories or connect more with your audience. The lack of interaction you may be getting from your IG stories may be because you may or may not do these few things. Before I get into the ways you can improve interaction; I want you to know that these tips will not grow your following. However, I can almost guarantee that these tips can improve your interaction on your Instagram stories. Another thing you should know is that your instagram story is not for your new or potential followers. Instead your instagram stories should cater to your VIP section – the followers you already have. When posting to your story, I want you to remember that connecting with your followers will take a personal touch. Sharing your life story is a great way to get that personal touch. You may have already shared your story before but sharing it again is absolutely OK! People forget!

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Improve interaction by showing your face!

Alright, let’s go over ways to improve interaction on IG stories. The first tip I have for you is to show your face! I say this so often but showing your face on your stories is by far the best way to connect with your audience and draw them in to interact with your stories!. It’s almost impossible to make a connection with someone through just posting graphics. I know that some of you may be hesitant to show your face on your story because you might make mistakes. But the great thing about stories is you can re- record as much as you want to! 

Talking too much

This tip follows closely with the first tip. Speaking to your audience will draw them in but I don’t recommend talking for too long. Keeping your videos fairly short and captioned is a great way to keep your audience’s attention. And entice them to ask questions and interact more. I also suggest using captions on your videos. Using captions on your videos may be a bit of work. But it will improve the interaction you receive! Most people watch videos with the volume low or completely off! 

Be polarizing

A great way to get a response from your audience is to share unpopular opinions. For example, maybe you prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate! To get your followers excited and get a sense of community within your niche try implementing weekly questions like unpopular opinion wednesday! If you first try this out and find it hard to get anyone to respond; respond to your question or invite to share yourself! Being the first to respond is often a deterrent to interacting with stories! When you do get responses, use them as ways to start conversations. Respond to them!

Create Challenges

Another great way to get your followers to interact is by creating challenges! By creating challenges you will be able to get your followers questions and concerns. And be able to help them better themselves or their efforts in their endeavors! By creatin challenges you reinforce the sense of community with your followers. Allowing them to feel more comfortable and connected with you! 

Talking about your product

Last but not least. When you talk about your products on your story the best way to keep your followers’ attention is to use a hyper-lapse for your video. This tip goes back to keeping your videos shorter. In doing this you are able to give your followers the long video but in a hyper lapse version so they can determine for themselves in a short minute how to use the product. Hyper-lapsing your videos will also make it easier to share and will make your followers want to share it with their friends

These tips will help you get more interaction and help build a sense of community with your followers which will encourage more interaction from new comers and those who may watch from afar. You’ve got this! 

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