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Social Selling- What You Don’t See

Social selling is more than just sharing a product. I will share some behind the ‘scenes’ about social selling here.

If you’re a social seller that’s struggling to build sales, connections, and content this is just for you. To become a social seller there are quite a few things you have to be willing to do to become successful. Nothing crazy, I promise but there are some sacrifices you must be willing to make to get your instagram up to par. 

Now there are plenty of “hobbyist” social sellers who do alright with and without some of these things. But for those of you who wonder why you aren’t seeing a full time income from social selling; Social selling is like dating. Like you do with all new relationships you have to build trust. 

building trust in social selling

Trust is so important in building your instagram. To build that trust you cannot hide behind once a month posts or sporadic stories. Your audience needs to know that you’re there and you’re showing up for them. And that you are willing to put in the effort to get their attention. There is a checklist I have of the things I do to make sure I am doing the most to build my instagram and gain the trust of my followers.

Maybe you’re missing a few of these, or maybe even all of them. These things are important when you’re trying to build sales, and connect with your audience. 

As you work through that checklist there are some things to remember as you continue to gain trust with your audience. One is that you will NOT see an immediate flux in sales. People won’t buy right away! You still need to build that trust. I’ve found it’s easier to gain that trust when you offer something more than just your product. I talk about this often, on my instagram. You need a niche, and your niche has to offer more than a product. Your niche should offer an experience, an opportunity or tips that will draw in your target audience.

your brand

When it comes to posting about your product. -Which you can still totally do!- I want you to remember that posting stock photos won’t equal sales either! Take the time to sell your product in ways that will help your audience. This tip falls in with learning how to build a brand and unique content. Take the time to create content that is as unique as you are. In creating that unique content you’ve also already started creating your brand. Your brand is another way to connect with your audience to draw them in, and make sales.

working for free

Another thing you don’t see in social selling is the time that you spend working for “free”. You will most likely spend hours and hours working on your instagram content to build connections with your audience. That connection of course will lead to more sales! But understand it takes a lot to get to that point. Now I don’t want to discourage you. You know yourself and what you are capable of. The work you put in will look different from the work I do, but those hours of effort will still need to be put in if you want to see results. Social selling is hard! But as you continue to build and work on creating an experience for your audience you will find enjoy it all. And I can almost guarantee that your efforts will be worth your while.

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