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The 5 C’s of Consistency

Allow me to help you build sales with these 5 tips about consistency

Girls! I have cracked the code and guess what!? I am going to share it with YOU. I’d like to share my secrets to staying consistent and I’d like to call it The 5 C’s of Consistency. These 5 C’s are going to help you build sales.

If you find you’re not getting a huge conversion with your product and you’ve been doing ALL the things, let’s talk about it! Now, I have some beef with leaders in direct sales companies, and social selling leaders who train with the phrase “you just need to be consistent!”. How many of you have heard that!? Well, I heard that a lot when I first started social selling. I was never the top seller in my company and did not have a knack for social selling. Knowing that about myself, I went to all the training and took extra time viewing youtube videos in hopes of getting the advice I really needed. Instead, I kept getting the phrase “Be consistent!”.

Let me tell you, I have beef with that phrase because that is just ONE PART of the equation! My 5 C’s will really help you understand what you need to build your sales and grow your instagram.


First, you NEED extreme clarity in what you are doing in your company. Why are you wanting to make these sales? Maybe to make a little bit of “you” money to spend on things you like. It doesn’t matter the reason why, but make sure you do have a why. Then set a goal for the amount of money you want to make. This is so important! I literally can tie it back to the amount of followers you have on instagram! 

But we’re not done yet! You also need to have clarity in what your instagram account is doing. To your followers you may look lost. We don’t want that! Something I noticed is that those who cling to their products too much are often the ones who need clarity. Clarity on who you are serving and what problem you are solving for that person is so important. You need a target audience! Who are you talking to specifically? 


Second, you need to feel confident in yourself and in your service. I am almost certain some of you are being consistent. But what abundance you have in consistency you lack in CONFIDENCE. To be successful you need to make a sale a day. That’s right, a sale a day! But it’s not the sale of your products. I am talking about selling YOU. Sell yourself on you! Some of you work with that tight, anxious energy saying to yourself ‘please let this work, please let this work’.

You need to take a second to breathe, and believe in yourself. I know that not all of us are born with natural confidence, so think of confidence as a muscle. You need to work and exercise that muscle for it to grow, right? Your brain needs that exercise and with that exercise comes consistency. That exercise is what I call self development. If you haven’t listened to podcasts or training for self development I invite you to do that today! Doing so will greatly improve your growth and sales.


Your content needs to be relatable to make connections with your audience. Connecting with your audience can be difficult if you don’t know who your audience is. Ask yourself this question as you determine what to post next. Who is your target audience? When you ask yourself this question you open up your mind to what your followers want to hear from you.

You need to offer your audience more than just a product. Your audience wants to connect with you over more than just a love of a product. For example, think about finding a fun reel to which you relate, and as you click on the instagram profile to find more about the person who made the reel, you see the words “Shampoo Dealer” in their bio! I could go a step further and say maybe the content of that page only has posts about their product as well. At that point you know there’s no service being given and there is no connection being made. It’s just the offer of shampoo. Really! You need to have a service to create content that is relatable and makes your viewers want to connect. By doing this you will get more exposure and visibility. Which is what you’re low in right?! 


Relatable content is MASSIVE. To draw in your audience you need content that will give them what they’re looking for. How many times do you click on a reel or post you don’t relate to? Never, right? You don’t care about the posts you don’t have a connection to and neither does your audience.

When you create posts, think about those things that if you saw in a reel you’d relate to. For example, maybe you’re a single mom that works. Use your life as a way to connect with your audience. Create content that isn’t robotic. Your followers want to see YOU. Post stories of you talking about the services you offer while you walk to the mailbox. Make a reel about situational things that you know others can struggle or celebrate with too. Do this and I can almost guarantee that you will get more sales and instagram growth.


This is the one that everyone tells you to do. And it’s true! You do have to be consistent for all of these tips and tricks to really work and grow your instagram and sales. Give yourself time to really grow after changing things up. These things don’t always happen overnight! Especially good things take time. I want you to make a goal to review after 90 days, then again after 6 months! If you are still not seeing sales, then something you can ask yourself is have you made 35 reels. 35 reels for a specific person that solves a problem within that target audience.

If you have, and still haven’t seen that growth by all means message me! I can give you some ways you can audit your account to really see what you need and maybe even what you don’t. In all seriousness, you do need to be CONSISTENT. You have got this girl!

You guys are the best, if you have some questions come watch my IGTV. I talk about each of these 5 C’s of Consistency more in-depth. And also go check out my latest blog posts!