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The Belief Model

A massive part of being sucessful in social selling has to do with your beliefs. So I am so excited to share this belief model with you!

Friends! Today I really want to get into belief and mindset. And how those two things play into your success in the social selling industry. 

In my opinion, belief in yourself plays a major role in how you show up each day. And how your audience responds to you. When you are struggling with mindset you tend to lack in certain areas. Like how creative you can get with your reels or how you interact with your audience on your stories. Those things in turn affect your success rate in sales and exposure.

Belief Model 

Before I get deeper into belief. I want you to ask yourself this question. ‘Why do you feel like you are not successful in your social selling business?’

After asking yourself that question. I then want to ask you, is your belief in yourself or your mindset part or all of your answer? The problem you may have in becoming more successful in your social selling business is your belief in yourself. You may think that buying an instagram course will help you suddenly become more successful. Which could indeed help. But a major role in your success is your mindset! You need to have confidence in yourself. And understand what you need to work on within yourself to be able to get the success you desire in social selling. All of it comes down to what set of beliefs you have for yourself. 

 Self Coaching

Something I have been taught by both of my coaches that I’ve hired in the past year, is a sort of self coaching. This type of self coaching is called many things. Basically, it unpacks the things you tell yourself everyday. The self coaching comes with a sort of formula that I totally recommend for you all. Most recently it was taught to me by Kristen Boss. Who is so great at training potential successful social sellers.

 The Formula

The formula starts out with Circumstance. For example, you have 150 followers on instagram or maybe you have 5 kids and only have an hour a day to work on your business. The circumstance is without emotion attached to it. It’s your statement of your circumstance. 

Once you’ve written down your circumstance, I want you to write down the thought that follows that circumstance. Again without the emotion attached to that thought. For example your thought may be, ‘I don’t know how to make the most of the time I do have to work on my business’. 

Now that you’ve written your circumstance and your thought, you can now write down the feeling or feelings you have about your circumstance and thought. Sometimes it’s frustration or anger that you’re feeling towards that situation. What is so important is that you know your feelings will birth the action or actions you take. For example maybe you’re in a bad mood and you snap at someone. Also understand that your feelings can also birth inaction. For example, you may simply stop doing the things you were doing to work.

Default Setting

I can almost guarantee that most of us have a default setting within ourselves. That default setting being the caveman or lazy version of ourselves. Where we jump to – in my opinion the lazy emotion of anger. It’s so easy to jump that emotion. Especially in situations that don’t go the way we want them to. I want you to realize that this formula can be used to help you recognize the thoughts, feelings and actions you are taking based on your circumstances. I want you to be able to use the formula to change your mindset. And make a more positive thought, feeling and action process. The last step in this formula is to ask yourself ‘is this action going to serve me?’

 Using this formula has really helped me to be able to organize my mind and my priorities. And in being able to organize those things I have made my efforts to become more successful easier. This formula has also allowed me to protect myself from making the inactions or excuses to not put in the work! You can change your mindset to help you become more successful! 

Check out my IGTV on the belief model for more information and go check out @thekristenboss on instagram for more coaching!