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Top 5 Tips to Make Connection Through IG Stories

I am so excited to tell you how to better connect with your followers through your IG stories!

Making connections through your IG stories. If you have struggled to get your followers to interact with your stories you may need to work on a few things. But, don’t freak! These common mistakes are SO easy to fix! When I first started my instagram, I struggled to connect with my audience through my stories too. After taking time to evaluate what I was posting to my stories, I did some research about how to get that connection. And now I get to share it all with you!

First things first, I want you to know that stories are meant to be the Behind The Scenes to your instagram account. Stories really are a massive tool to create connection. It’s a place your audience can bond with you over something like watching the same netflix shows, or maybe even funny quirks you share. 

Talking to your Audience

Knowing that your stories are your behind the scenes to your instagram, you’ll want to show your face in your instagram stories! Talk to your followers, and let them know you are there. Your followers WANT to connect with you! Take time to make a few videos to share your story. Try talking about whatever you’d like to. It’s a great way to show your audience that you are willing to get out in front of them. Show them who you really are! 

Along with talking to your audience through video, you need to also type captions! I know it may seem silly considering I just told you to make videos. But, a lot of instagram stories are watched with the sound OFF. Writing captions for your videoed stories will help them connect with you both face to face and in written form. 


We all love boomerangs. But, making random boomerangs really doesn’t help you connect. When I think back to the random boomerangs I used to post I cringe so hard. They are so much fun but oftentimes that page of your story is just skipped over and no real connection is made. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop making boomerangs all together! Use the boomerang to help you grab your followers’ attention. For example make a boomerang of you using your product with a swipe up to a freebie or maybe to a blog post! Make it worth their while.

Questions & Polls

The question box and poll feature on instagram is SO amazing! It is such an easy way to connect and understand your followers and what their interests are! I find that so many of you who are struggling to connect with your audience do not use the question or poll box at all or as often as you should! In using that question box you can understand what your followers are wanting from you. And what you can do to connect with them better. The poll feature is a great way to find out how many of your followers love the same things you love! They can bond with you with that super simple poll on your story!


I absolutely love the power held in quotes, but sometimes they can be overused. When you’re posting to your story it’s totally okay to post a quote here and there. But remember that it’s your instagram page and you don’t want to overload your page with someone else’s voice. Your audience is following you because they want to connect with YOU! Let them hear your voice as much as possible! You want to connect with your followers. Quotes tend to keep people at arms length and we don’t want that! We want our followers close and connected to you and to the message or services you are providing. 

Making it all about you VS connection

Your instagram page may highlight a lot of your life but make sure you are continuously making your priority connection with your followers. When you focus too much on you, you lose the chance to connect. Your audience wants to connect with you. Help them connect with you by taking time to ask them questions, allow them to ask the questions. Maybe even take time to send them a DM as a response to them interacting with your story.

I would love to hear how these tips may have helped you better connect with your audience! So DM me on Instagram! Also check out my newest blog posts for more tips!