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The Secret to Increased Sales Using Instagram

How I increased sales using my Instagram content!

I know y’all are doing great reaching your desired audiences, but now you’re wondering how to generate more sales through your Instagram content! Well, here it is…  I’m going to share everything about how I have increased sales through my Instagram content!

But first a quick look at what I USED to do…. In the beginning of my days in direct sales I thought that I had to reach out to every possible customer personally and ask for the sale.

So CRAZY!! And Emotional!! And Embarrassing!!! 

But then I learned a better way, a way to reach my followers as well as strangers without feeling like a  pushy salesman. I can almost guarantee this not-so-secret secret will make your life 10 times easier. 

#1: Make Reels!!!

If you follow me on Instagram you know I love making reels! Reels are the easiest way to reach your audience and make an impression they’ll remember. 

Those 4 questions are loaded, I know. So allow me to expound just a little bit.

#2: Add Value

When asking yourself if your reel adds value, you need to assess if the reel will be a little nugget of gold to another person, as well as add value to the instagram content you have already created or are planning to post. Make your reels in a way that will cause your viewers to want to watch more. 

#3: Shareable Reels

The easiest way to make your reel “shareable” is to make sure it’s relatable! When making reels it is crucial to make your reels easy to understand and relate to. You want viewers to share your reel with their friends or families and you do this by sharing “noddable” content. When they see your reel, will they be nodding their heads and saying YES!! Or be thinking…. My sister needs to see this!!! Reference topics and ideas that do not require background information and if you do reference a topic that  requires some extra information, add that information in the description/caption and/or link other reels or posts.

#4: Teach or Serve

Your reels should have a purpose! If your goal is to teach something in a reel keep it simple and clear but it should also intrigue them, or lead them to more of your reels or posts! When it comes to making reels you don’t always need to be teaching, your reels can serve other purposes like, motivating your audience or building a relatable feed.

#5: Connect!!!

Lastly, when making reels you need to ask if your post will connect you to someone specific? Who is your audience? And who do you want to be speaking to? When you direct your attention and efforts towards a specific person or group, that person or group will want to respond. Give them the content they need to feel like they NEED to message you, to share their thoughts or how the reel connected to them.

SO start creating reels, ask yourself these questions and start adding value to your audience. The more you add value, create shareable content, teach/serve and connect, the more engaged your audience is. An engaged audience  turns followers into fans and fans into customers.

Watch your sales increase, go make some amazing quality reels, and tag me so I can see you make magic!!

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